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December 2015

Wedding in Sicily – Katarzyna & Tomasz

We would like to present the cover story of Katarzyna and Tomasz wedding – which let us come back for a while to the sunny Sicily.

The couple contacted us in order to organize a concordat wedding abroad with about 20 planned guests. Initially, a week-long stay in Sicily was supposed to be arranged by the couple itself but following a brief mail exchange and some phone calls they decided to entrust us also to provide some offers for accommodation and leisure. During the very first stage of our cooperation the couple wasn’t very sure about the style and other requirements concerning their wedding ceremony but since they were providing quite a bit of suggestions, gradually we were able to get a closer idea about what they really wanted.  Eventually, picking from the several offers we presented, Katarzyna and Tomasz chose the location they were dreaming of – far from the rats race – a paradisiacal, quiet and calm yet very typical Sicilian spot. The couple decided to spend their time with the relatives and friends in a villa, though technically they stayed in two neighbouring villas in the Trapani area. The date chosen for the wedding, 23rd of September 2015, was not accidental and, for personal reasons, meaningful for us as well 🙂  Later, we could take care of the next elements of the wedding puzzle – from several churches submitted – the couple chose a marvellous church of the Holly Virgin Maria in Castelvetrano. Originally, the wedding dinner was going to take place near the church wedding ceremony, however, since we partnered with a verified catering company able to fulfil every expectation very smoothly – we could celebrate the Newlyweds tying the knot in a cozy and intimate atmosphere in one of the rented villas.

Albeit with some delays and unexpected formal obstacles faced in the Sicilian Curia and, thanks to our persistence and the actions taken by our indispensable coordinator Lucyna, every difficulty got cleared out successfully.

The pre-wedding preparations took place in villa; the Couple drove the car we rented, an Italian, old style Fiat cabriolet, to the church. The wedding ceremony was performed by a Polish priest living in Sicily for many years and the music during the wedding mass was provided by the local organist as requested by the Bride. After the church ceremony the Newlyweds together with the guests returned to the villa where following a brief welcome and greetings the Couple shot an outdoor photo session in the olive grove; next, after a light refreshment, everyone took their place at the table placed in the garden.

The success of the wedding party was supported by the rustic decorations and flowers, elegantly decorated imperial table and very tasty meals together with the excellent waiting service. The Bride had a very clear idea of the flowers and the wedding decorations – even the wedding cloth that covered the table was bought and sewn right before the event, so it could perfectly fit into the Bride’s special expectation.

What we show below is, obviously, only a part of the wedding photo reportage. This wedding ceremony, despite appearances and it being intimate, was quite a challenge for us. But we know that Katarzyna, Tomek and their guests will remember that day wistfully and with pleasure. After the Newlyweds left Sicily they wrote:

“First of all we would like to express our gratitude for taking care of our wedding ceremony. It has been for us the most wonderful day in life!
The marvellous atmosphere was supported by fairytale surroundings, location and the catering company’s professionalism. The composure and the proficiency of Mrs Lucyna made the rest!”

We hope that the warmth and the family atmosphere will be shared by all the people watching the wedding reportage.

Wedding organisation: Smart Wedding
Wedding location: Castelvetrano, Sicily, Italy
Photographer: Nino Lombardo


December 2014

Christmas traditions in Sicily

Święta na Sycylii

Christmas is often an opportunity to meet with family and friends. The Sicilians are very fond of both, tradition and family. Getting ready for Christmas starts early in Sicily. On the 8th of December (Immaculate Conception) the whole Sicilian family will be usually busy helping to set up the Nativity Scene or the Christmas Tree, though the Christmas Tree is not really a long tradition in Sicily.

Monforte - Christmas in Sicily

Monforte – Christmas in Sicily

It has been no more than 50-60 years that Sicilians introduced it whereas the Nativity Scene has been always very popular. It is often decorated with mandarins, oranges, garlands of holly and mistletoe. Near the decorated churches you can often hear the lively music played by the zampognari (bagpipers) in their traditional, colorful costumes.

Christmas in Sicily. Photo: Ami Elsius

Christmas in Sicily. Photo: Ami Elsius

Christmas time is typically spent together with family and friends gathered around the rich table. After the Christmas Eve’s supper which not always consists of only the seafood, the Christmas Day’s lunch is very rich and a pasta al forno (pasta with meat baked in oven) accompanied by the delicious Sicilian red wine is a must.

Christmas in Sicily. Photo: Ami Elsius

Christmas in Sicily. Photo: Ami Elsius

Pastries together with dried fruits like nuts, almonds, figs and dates are served at the end of the lunch and the ambrosial fragrance of Italian espresso lingers all over.

Christmas in Sicily. Photo: Becca Garber

Christmas in Sicily. Photo: Becca Garber

The mild Sicilian weather helps to promote trips in the countryside. Nearly all Sicilian villages will arrange various tastings of local food and wine in the lovely and suggestive Christmas setting.

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