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Getting married in Sicily

If you wish to get married in a ceremony that is out of the ordinary we suggest you may want to try Sicily.

We organise marriage ceremonies and weddings all over the island. We create each offer on an individual basis once we have found out what our Client’s expectations and needs are.

Sicily is referred to as the island of the sun. And it’s not called this for nothing – this location boasts the largest number of sunny days in a year. In spring and summertime you’ll only see a few rainy days on the island. Spring and autumn are warm here, whilst the summers are hot, but usually not as sweltering as you would expect.


Why go for Sicilian Smart Wedding and not someone else?

Smart Wedding has been in business since 2008.

We have been providing comprehensive services for organising intimate marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions in Sicily since 2010. This means we can draw on some years of experience so you can rest assured that all of the details relating to the wedding will be organised in a professional manner.


How do we stand out from the competition?

Smart Wedding Wedding Consultants do not only work on the basis of collaborating with wedding agencies in Sicily – we have provided comprehensive organisation services and on-site co-ordination of medium and larger-scale wedding projects. This means we are able to offer you the best, tried and tested wedding services contractors without incurring additional costs due to lots of middlemen. In Sicily we have our reppresentative who is fluent in Polish, Italian and English. His task is to take care of all the local assignments and to coordinate the whole event.


We are wedding consultants

and not a travel agency. We have excellent expertise in organising wedding projects. On the other hand working with Italian contractors over some years has allowed us to gain important experience which has played a major role in enabling us to organise services in locations thousands of miles away from our company headquarters. The projects we have completed abroad have allowed us to gain the relevant experience in organising guests’ transfers and stays.


We are experienced in providing comprehensive organisation services not only for intimate weddings but also larger-scale events. One of the projects completed by Sicilian Smart Wedding was organised for the Bride and Groom and nearly 40 guests coming from Poland. The experience gained in successfully completing such a project means that you can rest assured that your wedding will be in safe hands and you will benefit from a high quality of service.


Here are a few opinions from our Client’s guests who participated in this event:


“The wedding was organised in a professional manner, the ceremony was beautiful, everything was to the highest standard! I would highly recommend the services provided by Gabriel and Joanna Jażdżewski – Smart Wedding!

Aneta and Bartek”


“Thank you so much for playing a role in the marriage ceremony of our friends in Sicily – the organisation was top notch, keep up the good work Smart Wedding…

Michał and Asia”


“Great thanks to the organisers, Joanna and Gabriel – Smart Wedding, for the sheer professionalism, lovely ceremony and superb wedding of our friends during the 4 day stay in Sicily! I would definitely highly recommend this firm!

Ewa and Karol”


Our offering is dedicated to Couples who have decided to take their legal, formal marriage vows in a civil or church ceremony on the Italian island of Sicily with a wedding reception being organised for between ten and twenty guests to several dozen.

We do not organise weddings just for the Bride and Groom or the Couple with the witnesses.



Scope of services:

Formalities, working with the documents (support with completing registry office and church formalities) *

Attending civil and/or church institutions in Sicily on the Couple’s behalf.

Arranging for an official or priest to officiate the marriage (the official will speak Italian, we can offer the facility of a sworn interpreter for the civil ceremony or a Polish-speaking priest, other options are also available)

A marriage permit, stamps and duty stamps (assistance with the Nulla Osta document for foreign nationals marrying in Italy and legalisation according to Italian law)

Booking a venue for the marriage ceremony

Scenario for the ceremony

Putting forward proposals with the optimum locations for the wedding reception / wedding dinner

Organising the catering – agreeing on a wedding menu including beverages, as well as a serving schedule

Organising the wedding cake

Providing the inspiration for and organising flower arrangements and decorations

Organising a photographer and developing the photo reportage concept (the best photographers from Europe or Sicilian photographers)

Organising the transport for the Bride and Groom and transfers for guests

Organising professional styling: wedding makeup, hairstyle

Attendance by a wedding co-ordinatorduring the day of a wedding ceremony – fluent Polish, Italian and English

Wedding programme plus a schedule of the event

Comprehensive organisation, on standby for the entire duration of the contract

Marriage certificate plus international version


At our clients’ request we can also organise other services:

Live entertainment for the marriage ceremony

Live entertainment for the wedding reception

Organising additional entertainment

Organising the PA system and lighting

Organising a cameraman and developing the concept of the video reportage

Recommendations for wedding invitations

Help with creating wedding stationery (place cards, the menu, table layout plan)

Providing the inspiration for and organising gifts for guests

Help with planning an unlimited number of activities associated with the marriage ceremony and wedding for the Bride and Groom and guests: flights, transfers, accommodation, trips, wine tasting, etc.


You can enquire about the price of the above scope of the comprehensive organisation service for the marriage ceremony and wedding reception by emailing: You need to state the planned number of people participating in the event, the type and approximate date of the marriage ceremony and the number of days’ stay in Sicily.

You can find more information on our special Facebook profile – Sycylijskie wesele [My Sicilian Wedding]

* The cost of translations and certificates is not covered by our fee (this depends on the number of pages, documents, etc.)