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Karolina & Maciej – Sicily

Karolina & Maciej – Sicily





Karolina & Maciej – Sicily

A bit of back story…

The Happy Couple approached us about providing a comprehensive wedding organisation package on a completely different island, which was in Spain and not Italy by the way, Obstacles of a legal nature stood in the way of getting married under Spanish law at that location. So we suggested somewhere that their dreams of getting married abroad could be fulfilled – the island of the sun: Sicily. And it’s not called this for nothing – this location boasts the largest number of sunny days in a year. In spring and summertime you’ll only see a few rainy days on the island. Spring and autumn are warm here, whilst the summers are hot, but usually not as sweltering as you would expect.

The organisational preparations took more than 7 months. Over this not insubstantial period we presented the Bride and Groom-to-be with numerous proposals and approaches with respect to the marriage ceremony and wedding venue, accommodation, transfers, photographic and musical services; we agreed the menu down to the last detail, the specific arrangements relating to the decorations, we dealt with the formalities and many other pieces of the wedding puzzle. Just as we would for weddings in Poland we presented a range of diverse locations – from the east to the west of the island. Karolina and Maciej’s interest was immediately caught by the venue with strong associations with the film “The Godfather”, as this had been where Francis Ford Coppola had shot his cult movie.

During the wedding festivities that were planned over 3 days the Happy Couple was accompanied by a large group of 40 guests from Poland.

On Friday, after arriving at the hotel and settling into their rooms, the guests had the opportunity to mix and mingle before the marriage ceremony and wedding reception on Saturday.

Saturday started off with a surprise. In the morning it turned out that Karolina had left the gorgeous belt which was supposed to embellish her wedding dress in Poland. We could have easily managed to get it to Sicily if we had known about this the day before, as the last few guests had been getting ready to set off from home… Nevertheless, we got in touch with a bridal shop just a stone’s throw away where just the right accessory was found.

The preparations for the wedding and the Bride-to-be’s beautification got going before midday. The contractors turned up, we handed over the bouquets, buttonholes, the prepared menu cards which doubled up as place cards as well as a little pillow for the rings (a surprise for the Bride and Bridegroom-to-be). Karolina and Maciej travelled to the ceremony on a vehicle which can traditionally be seen on Sicily’s narrow streets called a tuk-tuk. The civil ceremony was held at a venue guaranteeing stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea bordering on the island’s mountainous terrain. Although in Sicily civil marriage ceremonies are often held in certified venues outside registry offices it’s an interesting fact that this was the first time that such a ceremony has been conducted in the open air. According to the local customs, immediately after the marriage ceremony all of the guests were invited for an aperitif – famous Sicilian prosecco and appetisers. As it was not far away, led by a traditional Sicilian band, the wedding party had 7 minute stroll from where the ceremony took place to the venue where the Newlyweds were given a special welcome and the wedding reception was held. Following on from the delectable appetisers, the large group of nearly 40 guests took part in the special wedding dinner, accompanied by a Sicilian band. Starting from the first dance DJ Andrzej Czekay hosted the event, whose services we secured for the Happy Couple. And the special day would not have been complete without a local wedding cake – the Sicilian version is usually a delicious cake decorated with fruit.

The dancing carried on until the late hours of the night and some of the wedding party really let their hair down.

You can see for yourselves the results of the many months of discussions and arrangements below. The pictures were taken by the photographers 5czwartych recommended by Smart Wedding.


Realizacja Sycylijskie Gustowne Wesele dla Karoliny i Macieja Wedding of Karolina & Maciej in Sicily by Smart Wedding
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